(nice dream)

1. tried to make the picture look like it was taken by an analog camera (it's FAKE)
2. landscape green green green
3. matilda ♥♥♥
4. landscape green green yellow
5-6. me (trying to be like all morrissey with flowers and stuff)
7. cows!
8. me waving goodbye to cows! :-(
9. untied shoes what

tjena tjena! igår följde jag med matilda och hennes mor med bilen för att ta lite bilder på gröna landskap och annat fint skit! vädret var bara bra och vi gick runt i kohagen och gav blommorna evigt liv med hjälp av kamerorna. väldigt fin onsdags eftermiddag.

hello hello! yesterday i joined matilda and her mother in the car to go to a place and take pictures of green landscapes and other pretty shit! the weather was just fine and we walked around in the cow pasture and gave the flowers an eternal life with some help from our cameras. very nice wednesday afternoon.

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