I love this scarf and these shorts so so much aahh.
Saturday morning, 11.13 am. People on Facebook wrote that it had been snowing but I can't see anything so far. Good news.
I still haven't had breakfast, sorry mi estomago. It's coming soon, don't worry.
 Watched Trainspotting again, I've decided it has become my new favourite movie.
Ah, Scottish accents are literally the best.

Last night was a blast. Had some tacos with the friends of mine and then danced to old classics! I don't think much beats that actually.

Source unknown.



past heroes

Wow, I really don't know how to take proper selfies someone teach me please, eh?

Spent the whole day at birthday parties for relatives.
It was ok, bit of a bore but ok. One of the best things of others birthdays is all the food yes that is great.

I just saw fireworks outside my window.




Just finished watching this great movie, Trainspotting made in 1996.

I really, really liked it. It's different. All the pretty boys, all the pretty girls. Perfect clothes, perfect hair. Good soundtrack. Oh, and Sick Boy.



Top and below pictures are from yesterday, and middle was taken around 3 weeks ago, downtown. 

Finally decided I was going to start blog again, using Blogspot like I have before, around 2 years ago (?).

It's saturday and I've spent the day waking up late like you're suppossed to on weekends, and then I've just kind of watched Trainspotting the whole day. Oh wait, was out around 2 hours in the pretty sun eating hot dogs with family and chatting with Matilda The Greatest. It's been alright!

Later tonight mum, sister and I are going to have a "Ladies Night" according to my mum since my dad won't be home. Pizza and film, yeah sounds good to me.