Can I ride with you in your BMW

Top - bought at a market on Crete (I was never actually on the Hard Rock Cafe there, heh), Skirt - mum's old and Shirt - Lindex.

Hello folks!
I'm home from Stockholm! My class has been selling clothes to family and friends, held a café in school and done some other things to gain money during the last three years, so that we could now in 9th grade go somewhere all together. We chose Stockholm for 3 days. We've been visiting famous places and spent a lot of money on delicious food and clothes! It's been really great. I'll post some pictures later. 

I got home at 2 am yesterday because our train had a lot of trouble so we got an hour late. I slept to 11 am this morning it was nice and since then I've been cleaning my room, I'm home alone. Oasis Definitely Maybe has held me company. Thanks mate.



Pretty Postcards

Yesterday in art class I found a bunch of postcards in a box. Some of them looked really pretty so I brought two of them home! I also brought the illustration I made last week, and then I put all of them on the wall.
I'm happy with it, it looks pretty nice.

It's Eurovision Song Contest tonight so some friends and I are meeting up to watch it together! I'm excited and a bit nervous already, to be honest. Do you watch Eurovision?




 The whole group!
 Me on the boat to Denmark. It was blowing so much at that exact spot, you could stand there get the feeling to be blown away it was crazy and great fun.
 My pizza, called Leonardo Da Vinci. (It wasn't really good)
 Walked around in Skagen one day to buy milk and other stuff and the whole town is full of yellow, beautiful stone houses! All the same yellow colour it was so pretty I kind of died because of houses. Good job Skagen.
 A small gallery with many pretty pantings, but oh so expensive.
 Where Kattegatt and Skagerak meet!! So cool.
Heading towards Fredrikshavn.

I got home from Skagen two days ago! Here's some pictures now I gotta go have a lovely day in the beautiful sunny weather everyone!!!



Kick Your Bones


a forest
a forest







Im going to Denmark for a church camp today! I'll leave the house soon to go to church for an hour. Then we're taking the bus to Gothenburg to eat with the whole group (McDonalds!) and at 4 pm the boat leaves the harbor to go to Fredrikshavn. There we're taking the bus to Skagen and then we're there! I'm coming home on Sunday so I've queued one post with some pretty pictures. See you on sunday fellas have a great time!!



 Dress/Sweater from Monki

Now since I've started this blog and got myself a LOOKBOOK and everything, I've realized one thing about my clothes.
I wear A LOT of pieces from Monki. A LOT.
At least one of my clothes I wear everyday are bought at Monki actually.
I buy a lot of my clothes there and I really like what they sell so I guess that's why. Oops.

Tomorrow is my final exam, in maths. Then I finish high school June 13th and then waits college!! I'm so excited I can't wait to start at a new school and get new friends and everything aaahhh. I'll miss my old school too though but it's still gonna be great to leave it at the same time.



 10 year olds rocking it
 Me reading a poem.
 Me afterwards.
 In the dressing room.
 What up
My friends performing Coldplay's Viva La Vida (really really great)

So, this wednesday my school had this school concert! It lasted about 2 hours and it was fantastic actually, I think everyone enjoyed it.

It's Saturday again and I don't really have any plans except a sleep over at gran's with my two cousins. It'll be nice! 
Do you guys have any plans for this weekend??



In Rainbows

A RAINBOW... by Zgrial

Rainbow PartyRainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley by rwangsa

                                                                                                      Rainbow Party by whitehotphoenix

Rainbow by kinal-joshi

Rainbow over Truchas Peak - Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New MexicoRainbow over Truchas Peak by iborrego

Some pictures with rainbows as main subjects, all taken from different Flickr's.

Today my school held a school concert for students, friends, families and others.
Students were singing, playing instruments, etc.
I and some other girls read one poem each, written by other pupils.
I was very nervous before actually since there was quite an audience to speak in front of, but it turned out good actually!
I took some pictures but I haven't really had the time to go through them yet so I'll post them some other day I guess. 
Well goodnight!



My mother told me apparently she'd made ths vest or top or whatever it's called in school when she was a kid, haha. I really like it the pattern is so great!
Tomorrow is outside class and we're going to learn how to handle a canoe and make up a fire and so on. Wildlife in simple words!

Have a nice day.