january and kittens on the Best Coast

Some pictures my cousin Matilda took of me in January, 2012.

I've watched a bit more than half of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind now. It's really complicated and I don't really understand the whole thing fully yet, hoping they'll sort everything out in the end.
Anyway, Kate Winslet in all those crazy awesome hair colours is the the best thing actually. I really want to dye all of my hair light pink now, more than ever. We'll see about that I guess.

Meanwhile, I want you all to listen to this fab album. Best Coast with Crazy For You. It's such a perfect summer album, even though it's only April. Give it a try!
Link to the album on Spotify HERE.



Her name is Bubblegum

Tank top - Vintage, Jacket - VILA, Jeans - Levi's (Vintage)
I love the black leather pockets on the shorts so much! Since I bought these jeans 2 months ago I've been wearing a lot they're really great.
It's saturday and I'm thinking about going out on a walk soon. We'll see.
Wore this yesterday with my white low Converse, who are getting really dirty by the way. I think I could use a new pair.

Oh, and the necklace is Lindex.

 I've been listening a lot to these records recently, they're amazing. 



Coatee and dress all from Monki.

Been watching Freaks and Geeks since I got home from school 3 hours ago, heh. It's so great and all the clothes!!! I can't wait to go into the city and Beyond Retro soon. 
I haven't been dancing for 3 months now because I've held children dance groups but tonight we're finally going there again. I'm so excited!
Do you like dancing?

Have a good day everyone


Modern Guilt

Heart patterned skirt H&M, Top Monki and Cardigan Cheap Monday.

Ah, lovely weather today! 
Gonna take a shower and walk down to meet friends now have a great day everyone.


Oh, I got myself an account on LOOKBOOK as well, hype my pictures if you like them I guess, thanks! x


"I'll never let go, Jack."

Everything is vintage except the velvet which I bought on Monki's sale a few weeks ago. :-)

Got up at 11 today after I'd been watching Freaks and Geeks all night since there was no school today!
Suddenly mum comes in and asks if I wanna go catch a movie and "yeah why not" I say. 15 minutes later mother, sister and I are on our way to Gothenburg and Titanic 3D!
I've watched it many times before but the movie in 3D was a different, and nice experience actually.

Later I was out with my cousin on a walk. I had to test my new walking sticks I got for my birthday of course, heh. It was fun! Nice weather and stuff, yes good.




Led Zeppelin made my afternoon/evening/night/ less lonely. Very good thank you fellas.
My birthday was yesterday and the house was filled with relatives all day. I got some money and a really pretty dress and some other stuff. Also new batteries, so I can finally use my camera again. Great!

Have a good day now everyone


garden state

Brilliant moive! I absolutely loved it! I love the story about an actor called Largeman which mother dies and he returns to his hometown for the funeral. He's quite depressed because of all the pills he's been on his entire lifetime. Then he meets Sam and suddenly everything isn't so dark anymore.
Probably sounds like any other romantic movie, but I really liked it anyway. Zach Braff and Natalie Portman are both beautiful and act great in the film. I definitely recommend it.

In other news I think I will have to buy new batteries to my camera (it uses AA-batteries) and I still haven't found my the ones I usually use and the others doesn't work ah God. I'll figure something out, bye.



batman boxers

All pictures are taken in Gothenburg/Göteborg.

Just got home from selling newspapers! It was rainy and cold but it was ok.
A man, around 40, opened the door only wearing underwear, it was quite surprising (I could almost say shocking I think? Even though that happens quite often.) since the underwear were Batman boxers.
It kind of made my day I must say it was very funny to me, hehe.

How was your easter?


happy easter

I don't like posting webcam pictures, but I have no choice. My batteries are gone for some reason?? My sister borrowed them and after that they've just disappeared! Weird.
Well, anyway this is what I'm wearing right now! Mum's dress and my sister's jumper and just some necklaces I found in the shelf.
I'm going to the museum where they're having an easter fire and there will also be fireworks, apparently. Gonna meet some friends and just enjoy the evening I guess.

The day started at 11 am when I had last night's dinner for breakfast with family. Went outside to find an egg haha! Inside was the Hunger Games and some candy, yummy.
After that I've just spent the whole day sobbing and crying over Blur, since singer Damon Albarn said there won't be more Blur. Or Gorillaz. You can read more HERE if interested.

Last Thursday my friends were at my place and we watched Avatar, it was nice. On the picture you can see Mauritz and me.

Yeah anyway bye happy easter again!


blurring right now

Second hand shirt-vest, dress from Monki

Aaah, it's good friday again! Most of my relatives comes to our house this very day every year, eat dinner, chat, drink, socialize. It's really nice!

It snowed today, but I think it has stopped. Wanted to go out and photograph it, but sadly I can't find my batteries to the camera.
I'll post some pictures of my outfit tonight later heh enjoy your evening everyone!
Happy easter!