In Rainbows

A RAINBOW... by Zgrial

Rainbow PartyRainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley by rwangsa

                                                                                                      Rainbow Party by whitehotphoenix

Rainbow by kinal-joshi

Rainbow over Truchas Peak - Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New MexicoRainbow over Truchas Peak by iborrego

Some pictures with rainbows as main subjects, all taken from different Flickr's.

Today my school held a school concert for students, friends, families and others.
Students were singing, playing instruments, etc.
I and some other girls read one poem each, written by other pupils.
I was very nervous before actually since there was quite an audience to speak in front of, but it turned out good actually!
I took some pictures but I haven't really had the time to go through them yet so I'll post them some other day I guess. 
Well goodnight!

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