Can I ride with you in your BMW

Top - bought at a market on Crete (I was never actually on the Hard Rock Cafe there, heh), Skirt - mum's old and Shirt - Lindex.

Hello folks!
I'm home from Stockholm! My class has been selling clothes to family and friends, held a café in school and done some other things to gain money during the last three years, so that we could now in 9th grade go somewhere all together. We chose Stockholm for 3 days. We've been visiting famous places and spent a lot of money on delicious food and clothes! It's been really great. I'll post some pictures later. 

I got home at 2 am yesterday because our train had a lot of trouble so we got an hour late. I slept to 11 am this morning it was nice and since then I've been cleaning my room, I'm home alone. Oasis Definitely Maybe has held me company. Thanks mate.


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