happy easter

I don't like posting webcam pictures, but I have no choice. My batteries are gone for some reason?? My sister borrowed them and after that they've just disappeared! Weird.
Well, anyway this is what I'm wearing right now! Mum's dress and my sister's jumper and just some necklaces I found in the shelf.
I'm going to the museum where they're having an easter fire and there will also be fireworks, apparently. Gonna meet some friends and just enjoy the evening I guess.

The day started at 11 am when I had last night's dinner for breakfast with family. Went outside to find an egg haha! Inside was the Hunger Games and some candy, yummy.
After that I've just spent the whole day sobbing and crying over Blur, since singer Damon Albarn said there won't be more Blur. Or Gorillaz. You can read more HERE if interested.

Last Thursday my friends were at my place and we watched Avatar, it was nice. On the picture you can see Mauritz and me.

Yeah anyway bye happy easter again!

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